Collection Care Audit and Implementation

Collection Care Audit and Implementation

In March 2020 a collection care audit of the Museum’s exhibition rooms and stores was carried out by Mags Felter, a professional conservator from the York Archaeological Trust and a member of the Institute of Conservation (Icon).

The audit was made possible thanks to an Association of Independent Museums (AIM) Collection Care Audit Grant with Icon and supported by The Pilgrim Trust.

The resulting audit report provided the Museum with a number of recommendations for ways in which it could improve its level of care for objects to ensure the long-term preservation of the collections it holds.

                                                               The audit underway in one of the exhibition rooms

The audit took place just before the COVID-19 pandemic, so it was not possible to begin to address the audit’s recommendations until the Collections Team volunteer sessions resumed in the Summer of 2021.  Over the course of the following two years various issues were addressed, and materials, such as Tyvek sheeting, and equipment, such as a digital LUX meter, were purchased using Museum funds.

The audit had suggested that the Museum could apply for grant funding for the purchase of other equipment and materials; this was the preferred method for obtaining logging environmental monitors for use in the display cases, and UV-filtering film for application to the windows of the exhibition rooms.

In 2023 the Museum was successful in its bid for an AIM Pilgrim Trust Collection Care Grant which has enabled the installation of the monitors and the fitting of the UV film in time for the start of the 2024 season.

The Museum wishes to express its thanks to AIM and to the Pilgrim Trust for enabling these works.

                                                        A logging monitor (centre rear) in one of the display cases