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What Lies Beneath…

…the hidden history of Malton and Norton

Our exhibition continues for 2023

A visit to Malton Museum will help you to understand how the past has shaped the towns of Malton and Norton we see today, and for our younger visitors, there is some fun to be had along the way!

There is a rich and important history in the towns of Malton and Norton, including

Settlement, Roman occupation, Monasteries, war, growth, industry, expansion and innovation.

The exhibition will give a TIMELINE of the towns from prehistory through the Roman occupation, on through Medieval development and finally looking at the Typhoid outbreak in 1932, which affected only Malton – Norton stayed clear.

The exhibition tells how!

What lies beneath the soil?

Clay for the wealth of pottery produced in Roman times.

Artefacts covering thousands of years of occupation and settlement.

What lies beneath the stories?

From artefacts and images, we are able to tell the stories behind the growth and development of the towns.

What lies beneath the pictures?

How did the towns develop? Look at the old photographs and imagine the times gone by.

What lies beneath the data?

Maps, census information and records fill in many of the gaps behind the people and stories who have made these towns what they are today.

Remember – every object tells a story

What else is there to do?

Treat yourself to a gift from our small retail shop.

Check our Events pages for a variety of further activities run by the Museum, including those specifically targeted to adults or families.

Visitor Comments:

Before you leave, please make an entry in the comments book so that we know you thoughts about the museum.

Here are what some of our recent visitors have written:

Great to find out more about Malton’s history.  Very informative. Thank you.

Wonderful little hidden gem.

Very informative education boards. A lot of thought has gone into the exhibition. Enjoyable and informative.

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