School Groups

At Malton Museum, we are passionate about delivering an insightful and relevant learning programme. We have been visiting schools from Scarborough to Leeds and further afield for over 5 years with our Roman Legacy sessions and accompanying handling boxes.

More recently we have developed a new resource linked to the local study area of the curriculum and a prehistory package.

Our offer to schools –

  • Prehistory- Stone Age to Iron Age  – Hire our handling box to compare past and present.
  • The Romans- a visit to your school with the Roman Legacy, costume box, and handling box or hire the costume and handling box as a stand-alone resource.
  • Local Study topic- Discover your High Street – a free digital resource with additional handling box and costume box available for loan.
  • After school clubs- we are pleased to visit with the following sessions: Hands on History, Be a History Detective, and Drama workshops using objects from the collections.

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Feedback from teachers:

Great hands-on visit. The children really enjoyed interacting with the resources.

LKS2 teacher/ Head-teacher 2016 (Roman Legacy)

Very well pitched and appropriate level. Well, organised – all children were well engaged. Informative, supported and extended the children’s learning.

Yr 3 teachers 2016

The children were excited about the box from the outset, the external appearance of the locked chest was an effective hook that got their interests straight away.

We studied the coins first of all, as this directly linked to our Maths objectives around money and coin recognition. We were able to make contextual and meaningful links between old and new coins, differences, similarities and what the coins may have bought. This linked to the pictures of the old shops in Malton and the maps through the years. We ordered the maps from oldest to most recent and discussed differences and similarities.  Children identified familiar areas and roads which they found exciting and relevant.

We saved the uncovering of the soap  until the last day. They couldn’t wait to see what had been making that awful smell! They were all very surprised to  find out what its purpose was!

Yr 3 teacher – Discover your High Street – Local study handling box 2017

Museum in a Box


The Roman Legacy

Bring history to life by booking our educators for a half-day session. Or why not extend the experience by hiring our handling and costume boxes?


The Local Study- Discover your High Street – The Marvellous Map of Malton

This resource was co- created by volunteers from Malton Museum and a group of local Primary teachers


Prehistory – Stone Age to Iron Age

Hire our handling box to compare past and present.


After school clubs

We now offer three sessions to after school clubs at both KS2 and KS3.