Private Town Tours

Private Town Tours

Book one of our private walking tours in 2022 for your local society or group of friends

Private tours are bookable for private groups of 12 to 20 people for daytime or evening slots from May to the end of September. Later September bookings would be daytime-only due to shortening day length. Please contact us below to discuss suitable dates and times for your group. We will check on the availability of volunteer guides and confirm a suitable date.

Our tours mostly take place in the historic town centre where there will be some steps, kerbs and a variety of ground surfaces. We try to plan the tours keeping these to a minimum, but the town’s topography makes planning a completely level route impossible. We suggest that anyone wishing to join the tour in a wheelchair or on a mobility scooter should contact us to discuss accessibility for their preferred tour.

All tours are delivered through audio-broadcasting equipment to individual headsets worn by each tour follower.

Tours that are currently available to book are:

Malton’s Georgian Boom time

Our town centre guided tour tells the story of the Georgian market town which became a prosperous regional market centre for nearly three centuries. It also briefly describes the layout of the earlier medieval town. The tour describes impact of the wealthy family who created new trading opportunities and influenced the developing horse racing industry.

Tour length – 1 ¼ hour approximately.

Starting point – the forecourt of the Milton Rooms.

Cost £7.50 per head for group bookings, including information pack with maps.


This tour takes a route along a stretch of the riverbank via Navigation Wharf, Water Lane and the railway station and tells the story of Malton’s 18th and 19th century transport and trade and life before the motor car. The river and railway in Malton and Norton were once bustling with life and were extremely important. The once-busy river is a forgotten backwater and the station, once a noisy place with an imposing railway goods handing building, an outsized cattle dock and extensive coal sidings serving a wide area, is now a pale version of its former self. Come and learn about how and where it all happened!

Tour length – 1 ¼ hours approximately.

Tour Start – the car park in Navigation Wharf (off Yorkersgate).

Cost £7.50 per person for group bookings only. Includes an information pack.

Malton Horse Power

This guided tour takes in Malton’s two market areas and finishes at Talbot Yard. The tour identifies key buildings to tell the story of Malton and Norton’s particularly strong connections with the horse, from having the largest horse market in the land and playing an important role in the development of horse racing from the late 17th century to the present day. It tells the story of Malton’s relationship with the horse illustrated by a variety of different town centre buildings.

Tour length- around 80 minutes..

Tour start – the forecourt of the Milton Rooms.

Cost £7.50 per person for group bookings. Includes a small information pack.