Town Tours

Town Tours

Malton Museum offers an interesting variety of public and private guided walking tours around the town’s historic centre and on the site of the Roman Fort.

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Tours are normally delivered during the evening when the town is quieter. We have audio-headsets for up to twenty people and each tour lasts for about 90 minutes.

Scroll down for a summary of each of our tour themes, or take a look at our Malton Museum Walking Tours video, which shows some of the topics covered by our walking tours.

Private Tours for Groups

We very much welcome bookings for private tours from local history groups, travel, sport or any other groups who are interested in the history of Malton. These can be tailored to your individual needs.

These can be organised at times to suit you, the only limitation is the availability of our guides. Please contact us via email: [email protected] to express an interest and make arrangements for your tour.

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Georgian Boom Time

On this town-centre tour we consider the shape of medieval Malton, bring the Georgian town to life and explain how Malton developed into a prosperous market centre. We talk about the people who have made their mark on the town over the centuries, including statesmen, racehorse breeders and the doctor’s wife whose artistic talent has added so much to the record of the town’s rich history.

Cost £10.00 per person, includes an information pack.

“So much to see in the town brought to life so well by the guides”

River, Road and Railway

The route of this tour follows Malton’s trade and transport systems through several centuries. We walk along the once bustling riverbank from Navigation Wharf, through Water Lane and down to the railway station. In its heyday this was an important junction occupying several acres, with sidings for coal storage, engine sheds and huge cattle and horse docks.

Cost £10.00 per person, includes an information pack.

“After living in Malton for 14 years, I learned many new and interesting facts and history”

Horses in Malton

This tour explores Malton’s strong connection with horses from before Roman Times. Malton had the largest horse market in the country for
hundreds of years and numerous coaching inns, many still recognisable. Malton and Norton’s prime importance as a centre of horse racing
earned the description ‘more stables than beds’.

Cost £10.00 per person, includes an information pack.

“Enjoyed every minute, great diversity of knowledge.  Brilliant!”

“The best night out I’ve had in ages!”

Romans in Malton

Malton’s Roman fort, as large as any on Hadrian’s Wall, suggests it was one of the very few in the country which operated throughout most of the long Roman occupation of Great Britain. Partly built-over by the Normans and cut through by a railway track, what is left of the fort site is an unevenly shaped grass field with banks and ditches, with fascinating hidden stories.

Cost £10.00 per person, includes an information pack.

Malton’s Medieval Story

The layout of Malton town centre has changed very little since medieval times, but it is difficult to imagine because remains of the early buildings are hidden behind those built later. There is, however, visible evidence of the important medieval past at St Mary’s Priory Church in Old Malton, where we provide an illustrated talk and look at the key features inside and outside the church and in the grounds of the former priory.

Cost £10.00 per person.


We plan all tours via the most accessible routes, to avoid traffic as far as possible, but the town’s topography means no tour can be entirely on the level. All sites may have steps, kerbs or variable ground surfaces. Anyone wishing to join in a wheelchair or on a mobility scooter should please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.