Chariot Day

18th May 2019 11.00am- 12:00pm repeated talk at 2.00pm- 3:00pm

Join Dr Melaine Giles on a guided tour of ‘The charioteers of East Yorkshire’ to tie in with Malton Museum’s ‘Horse Power’ exhibition.

In this one-hour talk, join one of Britain’s leading experts on the Iron Age to learn about life and death in the Wolds for the ‘Arras’ communities. She will talk about everyday living, farming, craftwork and diet, before discussing burial rites, grave goods and weaponry, with a special focus on the Iron Age chariot and those who were buried with these masterpieces of Celtic craftsmanship. Set against the unique background of Southburn museum’s replica chariot and burial diorama, you will have the chance to ask questions about later prehistory, artefacts and archaeological collections, including recent discoveries on and off the Wolds.


The event will be held at Southburn Archaeology Museum, Green Lane, Nafferton, YO25 4LF.

Additional Information

The event is held during one of Southburn Archaeology Museum’s open days, 10am to 4pm. For more information, call on 01377 271180 or visit