Romans in Malton

Saturday 18th May at 10:30 am

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Archaeological work on Malton’s Roman Fort, which was as large as any on Hadrian’s Wall, suggests that it was one of very few in the country that was probably operated in varying strength throughout most of the Roman occupation. Roman soldiers were efficient builders and military forts were regularly altered, abandoned and re-instated as necessity arose. Partly built over later by the Normans and cut through even later by a railway track, what is left of the fort site is an unevenly shaped grass field with banks and ditches, but with many hidden stories to discover. Our tour explains the layout of the fort, and the story of the IX Legion which possibly visited it for a time. Come and learn about the life of a typical Roman soldier.

(Tour length- 1 ½ hour)

Please note that the fort is an uneven area of roughly mown grass which can also be damp in wet weather, so please wear suitable footwear.

Meeting point
Malton Roman Fort, Orchard Fields, just off Old Malton Road

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