Roman Festival 2024

Roman Festival

Sunday 21st July

Join us for our third Roman Festival on Sunday 21st July 2024 from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, as we celebrate life in Roman Delgovicia a.k.a. modern day Malton and Norton with an action packed day full of fun for the whole family.

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Tickets are also avaiable at the gate, and we accept cash or card payments.

A colour photo of a mounted Roman cavalry rider charging into battle holding out his gladius (sword) heigh above his shoulder
© Danny Lawson PA

Special Guest

Terry Deary of Horrible Histories fame will be our special guest at this years Roman Festival.

Horrible Histories began as a series of books with the first edition being Terrible Tudors in 1993, and now has 23 volumes covering periods in history as far back as Neolithic times with Savage Stone Age, and up until World War Two with Blitzed Brits (1994), and Woeful Second World War (1999).

Horrible Histories has become equally popular as a children’s TV series first airing in into its tenth series on the BBC, plus a seemingly growing variety of stage productions across the country.

The Horrible Histories book series has two volumes on the Romans, including Rotten Romans (1994), and Ruthless Romans (2003).

For more information about Terry Deary visit

The 2016 publication cover of Rotten Romans by Terry Deary showing a Roman official with a pruple gown and holding a rolled manuscript - there are several daggers that appear to be in his back, and the slogan "I get the point" on a green background.
Rotten Romans by Terry Deary


Living History

Our third Roman Festival will include live-action demonstrations from the Roman Cavalry by Equistry, marching and battle sequences from Magister Militum, and Legio VI Victrix. Plus, Brigantes of Wincobank Hill, who are showcasing Queen Cartimandua and her role working with the Romans.

For further information on our living history groups follow the links below:


Magister Militum

Brigantes of Wincobank Hill

These well-known re-enactment groups will also have military encampments that demonstrate the changes in military equipment and Roman life throughout 400 years of Roman occupation of Britannia.

Being experimental archaeologists these groups live and breathe life in the ‘Legion’ of Roman Britannia, their equipment is as correct as current knowledge allows and they will happily chat about any aspect of Roman life.

A colour photo showing one member of Legio VI stepping forward well armed, and holding his pugio (dagger) whilst another is leaving their tent holding a horn
© Danny Lawson PA

Children's Activities

As last year there will be plenty to keep the children happy including mosaic and clay lamp making, learning to become an artisan painter on some wall plaster, as well as ‘archaeological digs’, and being able to dress up as an Ancient Britain or a Roman Soldier.

Our most popular activity is painting a sword and shield then ‘signing on’ to the Children’s Roman Army! A Centurion will put all recruits through their paces assisted by members of visitng legionnaires.

A colour photo showing Roman re-enactment by a small group of adults and children, all wearing Roman clothing
Friday 1st July 2022
Picture Credit Charlotte Graham
Staff and Children from the Roman Museum in Malton are dressed and ready to take part in the 2022 Malton Roman Festival

Roman Interest Groups

For the ‘grown ups’ there will be a ‘mini Malton Museum’ and displays from Roman interest groups in the region, such as Roman Roads Association, Yorkshire Archaeology & Historical Society, MAP Archaeology as well as the Battle of Stamford Bridge Heritage Society who will be bringing some axes for throwing and Fridaythorpe, Fimber and Wetwang Archaeology Project who will be bringing a magnetometer for you to try.

This year we have even more Roman themed authors for you to meet. Adult Fiction writers Nick Brown, Nancy Jardine and Clive Ashman will be together with Latin author Julian Morgan. We also have kids author Kate Cunningham who brings her ‘Vlad the flea in time’ stories of Ancient Rome, and Terry Deary creator of Horrible Histories.

A colour photo showing two mounted cavalry riders, one on a white horse, the other on a black horse - both riders are raising their weapons ready to charge
© James Glossop, The Times

Other Activities

The Battle of Stamford Bridge Axe Throwing

There will be an opportunity for axe throwing thanks to The Battle of Stamford Bridge re-enactors.

Sylvankin – Plumbata throwing and woodworking

Courtesy of our friends at Sylvankin Malton Museum is delighted to announce that Plumbata throwing and Roman woodworking will be available at our festival on 21st July at Orchard Field, Malton.

Immerse yourself in the work and culture of the Romans with Sylvankin, learn traditional Roman woodworking methods and craft your own equipment or structures! The woodworking costs £37 for 5 hours under the supervision of re-enactors posing as captured Roman Tribesmen, and you can dip in and out of this activity as you wish.

If training and sport are what you’re after, then try your hand at launching our ‘Barbs of Mars’ plumbata like the Romans did in the heat of battle!

Plumbatae (plural) or Martiobarbuli were lead-weighted darts carried by infantrymen in the Roman army. The plumbata throwing will cost £2 for 5 throws, with a bonus of 5 more for hitting the bullseye.

Further information is available at Sylvankin’s website

An agressive looking Roman wearing an animal skin cloak and holding a set of Plumbata, and about to throw one of these weighted darts known as a martiobarbuli
A Roman ready to throw plumbata


We will of course have food and drink on offer with the Bistro Guy is bringing his sour dough pizzas, Ryedale Vineyards will be there too with their ‘Delgovicia Taverna’, as well as Carols Sweet Treats, Greek Street Food, and Grahams Ices.

Other Information


Please note: there is no parking onsite, we have used the whole field for the festival.

To arrange disabled parking options contact: [email protected]

Please note:: The fort site is uneven in many places and whilst efforts have been made to make sure it is as level as it can be, we advise that you wear suitable footwear and are cautious at all times moving around the field

For your comfort and safety, toilets, and first aid service are provided.

A colour photo showing eight Roman soldiers marching from right to left alongside their camp - the second soldier is blowing into a large horn
© James Hardisty, Yorkshire Post

How to get tickets

To book tickets visit our Malton Museum Shop

How do I get there?

Car Parking

There is parking available at Tate-Smiths on Sheepfoot Hill, Malton, YO17 7DX

Download our Directions Map

There are also several car parks in Malton and Norton, some are free and others are Pay & Display; check Parkopedia for current details. Wentworth Street is the nearest and largest car park in Malton Wentworth Street Car Park Ryedale YO17 7JR

Journey planners – for those not using a SatNav, various online journey planners are available, such as AA Route Planner

A colour photo showing a cavarly rider stand with a black horse to the left and a white horse to the right
© James Glossop, The Times

Ways to Sponsor The Event


Would you like to be an important part of our Roman Festival?

This year, for the first time, we are hoping to create a special Festival Speaker’s Zone to feature authors, historians, and archaeological specialists and we want to create seating for everyone who would like to come and enjoy our fantastic programme on the day.

As our Festival is located on top of the remains of  Malton Roman Fort, we cannot use normal chairs, so instead will be seating everyone on a bale of hay – and that’s where you come in! To make sure we have enough seating for everyone, you can sponsor a bale of hay for just £5 and have your name listed as a sponsor at the Festival and on our website.

So ‘Back a Bale’ bench and donate £5 via our link here.

Please note that if you like to support us as a business we have a dedicated link ‘Give a Little’ and ‘Do a Lot’.


Opportunities for Businesses


As we celebrate the 3rd year of our popular Roman Festival, we recognise that many businesses cannot afford to donate large amounts of sponsorship, which is why we are asking for just £50 to help develop our Festival for everyone in Malton, Norton and the surrounding areas to enjoy.

For your donation you will receive an invitation to our sponsor’s evening at Malton Museum, to have a private view of the collection, meet the Trustees and enjoy a drink with a Roman Legionary or two! Plus, your logo will appear in our Festival programme as one of our sponsors.

To ‘Give a Little’ and ‘Do a Lot’ donate via our link here.


We are also offering businesses the opportunity to be a major sponsor for the Festival, find out more here.


Volunteer On The Day:

Would you like free entry for yourself to the festival?

You just need to join our band of stewards and volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours between 6am set up to clear up after the event. Training is provided and must be completed by all volunteers before the day.
To volunteer email us at: [email protected]

A colour photo showing two mounted cavalry riders one on a white horse, the other on a black horse stand ready for action
© James Glossop, The Times

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