Being a Tour Guide

Being a Tour Guide

Andy’s Volunteer Story

I’m Andy and I am one of the guides for the new Malton Museum Historic Town Tours.

How did I get into this?  I was going to stop work for a period and I wanted to volunteer in the local community.  Just as I started to really put my mind to it, I saw an advertisement in the Gazette for volunteers for the new venture of town tours.  All you needed was to have an interest in history and be comfortable talking to members of the public.  I had already considered the museum because I am keen to see the excellent memory of our past continue, so this looked a perfect opportunity.

I had plenty of time to find out about the tours and what was expected.  When I heard the researched stories for the first time I was completely captivated.  My jaw dropped at some of the incredible facts about Malton’s past. I have been inspired to find out more. I am now very interested in old maps and pictures of Malton, to study how things have changed. I am inspired to do the stories justice and deliver a great experience to our visitors.

Everyone I’ve met at the museum has been very friendly.  After being introduced, I usually tap them up for information to supplement the town tour stories.  As I work part-time, I focus on towns tours on Saturdays. So far over 50 visitors have been on my tours and I am proud to have played my part in a contribution to the museum funds.

Andy leading a town tour of Malton