You and Your Horse selfie project

You and Your Horse selfie project

Join in by contributing to our new project

In Malton, we have been a horse town for more than 2000 years

There was once a big a Roman cavalry garrison, some very important racing connections as well the biggest horse markets in the country.

The Horse is still important to our town

Malton and Norton together is still, after Newmarket, the largest horse centre in the country. We work in racing, livery or the equine support trades such as feed supplies, veterinary, blacksmithing saddlery and many more. We want to prove this through a living history project in our special exhibition on Malton Horse Power this year. We want to be able to show, and keep in the museum’s records that in 2019, Malton is still very big on horses and how much we love them.

Do you work with horses or own a horse yourself?

You can help by joining in the You and Your Horse selfie project to create a special display in the exhibition.

All we want is a photograph of you and your horse; the horse you look after, own or ride for someone else.  

We just need a single head and shoulders photo of you and the horse, your first name and the horse’s everyday stable name, Please tell us in one line what you do with him or her – e.g. ride-out, hack, show, hunt, event, just keep as a pet, retired etc.

Email your photo with these brief details to the email below. The museum intends to use the photo in the exhibition, in publicity of the exhibition and in storage in the museum archives. Could you please state in your email ‘I give permission for Malton Museum to use my photograph for the reasons stated’.

Email: [email protected]

For security reasons, to protect you and the horse, we DO NOT need to know where the horse is kept, or its registered breed or passport name. We will not be publishing your surname or any location of you or your horse in the exhibition.

Thank you for taking part and please share this information with all your local contacts.

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