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Malton Museum holds an extensive collection of Roman artefacts,

many from excavations within the site of the Roman fort, established

during the governorship of Agricola AD77-83 and the settlement, the vicus,

that grew up around it. Roman Malton has traditionally been identified with

the Latin name Derventio, though many Romanists today believe it

was known as Delgovicia.

(See J Creighton, Recent Research in Roman Yorkshire 1988)


The collection illustrates every aspect of Roman life in the region and documents two of Malton’s earliest inhabitants, both members of the military. Candidus, the Commander of the Ala Picentiana, the cavalry unit based in Malton, set up an inscription. One of the soldiers, Lucius Servenius Super, punched his name on his mess tin.


Military items

– armour; weaponry; ballista balls;

horse trappings; mess tin.



– material from Norton and Crambeck pottery kilns; a plaque from a goldsmith’s shop; residues from jet and metal working.



– hand querns; mortaria; knives; cheese press;

other kitchen equipment; fragments of glass

and pottery vessels.



– worked and carved stones; tiles; painted plaster; roof finial.

– hair pins and combs; brooches, including an

 unusual chatelaine brooch; rings and an intaglio;

other jewellery and clothes fittings; counters and dice;

sewing and weaving equipment.


– stone altar; small votive objects.


– inhumation burials some with grave goods, including an infant

with a jet ring and tiny jet bear; cremation burial; tombstone fragments.


– from all parts of the Roman period including the late Hovingham Park hoard.


– household objects; farming implements; the contents of a well;

an inhumation burial.




Prehistoric pottery, flint and other stone tools from across Ryedale.


Objects relating to the medieval and later life of the town, its churches

and castle – late medieval copper-alloy candlestick, trade tokens, pottery.


A rich collection of objects from metal detecting mainly through the generous gift of Jim Halliday.


Malton Museum, an Accredited Museum and a Registered Charity, is Ryedale’s major archaeological museum. It holds a nationally important collection of Roman artefacts, mainly from the Malton Roman fort and town, and from Langton villa, a few miles away. The museum also holds archaeological material of all periods from across Ryedale.


The collection includes objects relating to the region’s prehistoric past and to the later history of Malton and Norton, including racing, brewing, trade and other important aspects of local life.


Malton Museum has been kindly invited to establish a presence in the Parish (Subscription) rooms in the Yorkersgate side of the Milton Rooms YO17 7AB. View





VIVAT Fido!  Unlocking the heritage of Malton and Norton


Malton Museum Foundation announced today that it has been awarded a grant of £87,775 from Arts Council England’s Museums Resilience Fund to help fund a new and exciting programme of activities

The programme is called Vivat Fido! (after the Museum’s Roman Dog logo – based on a Malton Roman mosaic pavement). It seeks to unlock the heritage of Malton and Norton by making better use of the Museum’s extensive collections to interpret the past of the twin towns.

Activities include the creation of a new exhibition for 2016 which will tell the story of Malton as a market town, first in Roman times, then from its re-founding, in the Middle Ages, up to its 21st century fame as a food town. This will be in the Subscription Rooms in Yorkersgate.

“This marvellous grant will allow us to employ a Community Development Officer, build a stronger and better volunteer work force and extend our outreach work to both adults and children” said Peter Addyman, chairman of the Museum’s Trustees. “We shall be able to make much better use of the Museum’s rich collections.”

The museum already offers heritage-based events for local groups and in-school demonstrations using archaeological finds.  These services will be extended.

Sarah Maxfield, Area Director, North, of Arts Council England, said:

“Our Museum resilience fund supports museums by enabling them to become more sustainable and robust, whatever their size, and helping them to offer improved experiences for both audiences and artists. I’m delighted that 27 museums across the North have been awarded a total of £3.7 million in this round and look forward to seeing the results of this funding in future. The Arts Council’s aim is to achieve great art and culture for everyone – the North has some fantastic museums across the area which between them reach thousands of visitors each year, therefore greatly supporting our mission.”


Further comment:

Margaret Shaw  (Outreach officer) 01653-697845)

Peter Addyman (Chairman, Malton Museum Foundation) 01904-624311


6th March 2015



Malton Museum and the Woodhams Stone Collection

Calendar of events for 2015


April 4th – October 31st. Windows to the Past -2

Exhibition Rooms, Yorkersgate, Malton

This year’s exhibition will include aspects of kitchen ware and food preparation from Roman to between the world wars, with something to appeal to all age groups and interests. It will run until the end of October.

 Also featuring a display commemorating the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta and the part played by our own Eustace de Vescy, Lord of the Manor of Malton.

The 2 cinemas of Malton and Norton will have a small display, as will the trade of coopering, which was very important in the past.







Researchers are welcome to use the museum collections either for their own work or to further the work of the museum.


Please contact the Community Development Officer on 01653 691262 for further details or to make an appointment.

Malton Museum Foundation

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Museum Development Yorkshire

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