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''Windows to the past'

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Malton Museum, an Accredited Museum and a Registered Charity, is Ryedale’s major archaeological museum. It holds a nationally important collection of Roman artefacts, mainly from the Malton Roman fort and town, and from Langton villa, a few miles away. The museum also holds archaeological material of all periods from across Ryedale.


The collection includes objects relating to the region’s prehistoric past and to the later history of Malton and Norton, including racing, brewing, trade and other important aspects of local life.


Malton Museum has been kindly invited to establish a presence in the Milton Rooms and is presenting an exhibition 'Windows to the Past', open Thursday to Saturday 10am - 4pm, admission free.




Malton Museum holds an extensive collection of Roman artefacts, many from excavations within the site of the Roman fort, established during the governorship of Agricola AD77-83 and the settlement, the vicus, that grew up around it. Roman Malton has traditionally been identified with the Latin name Derventio, but is now believed to have been known as Delgovicia.


The collection illustrates every aspect of Roman life in the region and documents two of Malton’s earliest inhabitants, both members of the military. Candidus, the Commander of the Ala Picentiana, the cavalry unit based in Malton, set up an inscription. One of the soldiers, Lucius Servenius Super, punched his name on his mess tin.


– armour; weaponry; ballista balls; horse trappings; mess tin.


– worked and carved stones; tiles; painted plaster; roof finial.


– material from Norton and Crambeck pottery kilns; a plaque from a goldsmith’s shop; residues from jet and metal working.


– hand querns; mortaria; knives; cheese press; other kitchen equipment; fragments of glass and pottery vessels.


– hair pins and combs; brooches, including an unusual chatelaine brooch; rings and an intaglio; other jewellery and clothes fittings; counters and dice; sewing and weaving equipment.


– stone altar; small votive objects.


– inhumation burials some with grave goods, including an infant with a jet ring and tiny jet bear; cremation burial; tombstone fragments.


– from all parts of the Roman period including the late Hovingham Park hoard.


– household objects; farming implements; the contents of a well; an inhumation burial.


Prehistoric pottery, flint and other stone tools from across Ryedale.


Objects relating to the medieval and later life of the town, its churches and castle – late medieval copper-alloy candlestick, trade tokens, pottery.


A rich collection of objects from metal detecting mainly through the generous gift of Jim Halliday.


Researchers are welcome to use the museum collections either for their own work or to further the work of the museum.


Please contact the Secretary for further details or to make an appointment.

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