Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit

Our virtual visit page is a collection of interactive content that was created during our 2020 closure, and aims to show some of our highlights.

Explore our interactive content below, as well as children’s activities on our Lucius’ Virtual Challenge page

We also have three Malton Museum books available to order

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On this page you can

Take a look at our virtual tour and explore Malton Museum

View 360 degree models of some of our artifacts

Plus, to give more insight into our collections, we look in detail at two of our favourite objects

Lucius’ Virtual Challenge

Lucius is our resident Roman infantry soldier, who has some challenges for you to complete

Take a look at all of Lucius’ Virtual Challenges so far, and learn about Roman life

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Our Virtual Tour

A virtual visit created during our previous exhibition ‘Malton Goes to Market’

There are also interactive highlights that explain some of the artifacts that were on display

Malton Museum Publications

We have produced a range of books which are now available for sale

Requests to [email protected]

Payments by bank transfer

The following Titles are available:

Malton Goes to Market – the Recipes

£8.99 + P&P

by Peter Brears, food historian

Published in 2017

Recipes from the people of Malton and Norton – including the history of food markets in Malton

Malton and Norton – a 21st century history

£4.99 + P&P

by Margaret Mackinder

Published 2018

‘Two thousand years of lively history of Malton and Norton viewed from the 21st-century

It follows the story from 1st-century AD when an important Roman fort was developed – through a turbulent medieval history – to booming times in the 18th and 19th-centuries when it became an important market centre for the region, and built up its reputation as a major centre for horse racing training and breeding

The Story of Racing in Malton and Norton from the Iron Age to the 21st century

£4.99 + P&P

Published 2019

360 degree models

Over a period of sessions during one of our community project in 2017 we made some interactive models from our collection

Take a look at these images on Sketchfab

Favourite Objects

Peter Addyman former Chairman for Malton Museum CIO, has selected two objects from our collection that are amongst our favourites.

Introduction form Peter Addyman
Lucius’ Pan – A Roman Patera
Stone Balls fired from a Roman Ballista