Lucius’ Virtual Challenge

Lucius’ Virtual Challenge

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Have you completed all of our challenges?

Lucius our resident Roman infantry soldier has a series of virtual challenge activities for you to complete, and learn about Roman life

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Also, find out about Lucius’ Story from when the Roman Army arrived in Malton in AD70 which is 1,950 years ago!!

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Challenge One

Roman Words part one

Our first challenge in a word search based on how our months got their names, good luck

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Words part one

Challenge Two

Roman Words part two

Lucius has another word challenge with a short story full of Roman words, see if you can spot them all

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Words part two

Challenge Three

Virtual Colouring Competition

Lucius still has a creativity challenge for you with our competition – check the link below for details

To enter, use our step-by-step guide:

Virtual Colouring Competition

Challenge Four

Roman Recipes

Lucius has been busy in the kitchen perfecting his cooking skills, perhaps you could also give it a go

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Recipes

Challenge Five

Round Merils

Lucius would like to share a game with you that was popular with the Romans called Round Merils, see if you can work it out

Lucius’ Challenge – Round Merils

Challenge Six

Roman Numbers

Lucius has a number challenge for you to try, take you time beacuse it can be tricky

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Numbers

Challenge Seven

Roman Fort Challenge

Lucius has a challenge that explorers Malton’s Roman fort and lets you discover some of the important everyday items that were used there

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Fort

Challenge Eight

Roman Kitchen Challenge

Lucius has a Roman kitchen challenge, can you find all the Roman foods, and spot the foods that aren’t Roman too?

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Kitchen

Challenge Nine

Roman Pot Challenge

Lucius has been searching through some old challenges and has found one of his favourite challenges

Can you spot our old Malton Museum logo?

Roman Pot Challenge

Challenge Ten

Roman Legionary Challenge

Lucius would like you to meet a new friend who needs your help to find all of his Legionary equipment

Roman Legionary Challenge

Challenge Eleven

Roman Pot Making Challenge

Lucius has a challenge to draw and design your own pot, and we would love to see your artwork too

Share it with us

Roman Pot Making Challenge

Challenge Twelve

Roman Legacy Challenge


Lucius has a challenge to find all the things introduced by the Romans that we still use today – solve the clues to find them all

Roman Legacy Challenge

Challenge Thirteen

Four Seasons Mosaic Challenge

Lucius has found another challenge from the Malton Museum archives that is quite challenging to complete – you could make it colourful just as it is

Four Seasons Challenge

Challenge Fourteen

Samian-ware Matching Challenge

Lucius has created a game using some Samian-ware illustrations from another activity that was hidden in our museum archives

Samian-ware matching Challenge

Challenge Fifteen

Archaeology Challenge

Lucius would like you to join him to discover a typical archaeological dig site – can you spot all the equipment?

Archaeology Challenge

Challenge Sixteen

Dot to Dot Challenge

Lucius would like you to meet another one of his friends – can you tell who it is – and do you know their name?

Dot to Dot Challenge

Challenge Seventeen

Town House Challenge

Could you design your own colourful Roman house with lots of luxury Roman features?

Town House Challenge