Lucius’ Virtual Challenge

Lucius’ Virtual Challenge

Lucius our resident Roman infantry soldier has some challenges for you to complete, and learn about Roman life

Lucius also has more challenges to share with you throughout the summer

Our next challenge will be available soon as it is taking Lucius a little longer than usual to get it ready for you, as well as new challenges added fortnightly

So check back for more, or even better…

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Also, find out about Lucius’ Story from when the Roman Army arrived in Malton in AD70 which is 1,950 years ago!!

Click on the pink coloured links below to view online, or download a copy

Challenge One

Roman Words part one

Our first challenge in a word search, good luck

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Words part one

Challenge Two

Roman Words part two

The next challenge from Lucius is also a word challenge with a short story full of Roman words, see if you can spot them all

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Words part two

Challenge Three

Virtual Colouring Competition

Lucius now has a creativity challenge for you

To enter, use our step-by-step guide:

Virtual Colouring Competition

Challenge Four

Roman Recipes

Lucius has been busy in the kitchen perfecting his cooking skills, perhaps you could also give it a go

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Recipes

Challenge Five

Round Merils

Lucius would like to share a game with you that was popular with the Romans called Round Merils, see if you can work it out

Lucius’ Challenge – Round Merils

Challenge Six

Roman Numbers

Lucius has a number challenge for you to try, take you time beacuse it can be tricky

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Numbers

Challenge Seven

Roman Fort Challenge

Lucius has a challenge that explorers Malton’s Roman fort and lets you discover some of the important everyday items that were used there

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Fort

Challenge Eight

Roman Kitchen Challenge

Lucius has a Roman kitchen challenge, can you find all the Roman foods, and spot the foods that aren’t Roman too?

Lucius’ Challenge – Roman Kitchen